Jun, 2024
Jun, 2024
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Welcome to the beginning of your dream wedding

Hacienda de Trancas is the second oldest hacienda in all of Mexico, a place full of history, magic and legends with more than 450 years old, where each room, hall and corner keeps its own secrets that are waiting to be discovered. If you wish to celebrate your dream wedding in a wonderful place where you will be treated with unparalleled attention, this is the place you were looking for.

In Hacienda de Trancas each wedding is a unique and special event so each ceremony, banquet and party is carried out to the taste of each wedding couple, this allows to have endless variants when transforming the Hacienda and giving it life with multiple shapes and colors, so you can be sure that you and all your family and friends will have the party they have dreamed of with style and elegance in one of the most iconic places in the country.

The Hacienda de Trancas has an area of ​​about 9 acres and the hull of the hacienda is around 2 acres, all of this surrounded by a majestic wall that houses innumerable stories inside, among which are characters from our past such as Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla (who slept and wrote multiple documents in one of our rooms), as well as beautiful multicolored flower gardens, colonial-style esplanades, stables and much more.


In these gardens, you can enjoy the celebration of your bond, along with all your loved ones having the certainty that it will be the celebration that you have always wanted at the same time as being able to learn about different stages of the country’s history.


The Hacienda de Trancas offers the following services among many more that you can confidently consult with someone from the customer service staff:

    • *Wedding Planner
    • *Caterers
    • *Music and entertainment
    • *Massage therapists
    • *Stylists
    • *Makeup artists
    • *Thematic consulting for your event
    • *Bilingual manager
    • *Restaurant and Bar (Independent)
    • *Swimming pool
    • *Horseback riding
    • *Mountain bikes
    • *Tennis court
    • *Tours to historic areas and surrounding mines
    • *Cooks: they prepare all kinds of menus
    • *Cleaning staff
    • *Gardeners

Finally, we'd like to give you a small glimpse of some most amazing experiences lived in Hacienda de Trancas

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