Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024
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Welcome to the life´s garden, knowledge of life, our spa here at Trancas

We hope you will find it a sanctuary of healing, relaxation, and renewal.

We have 3 treatment spaces, so we can do up to 3 massages at a time.
We use the finest oils, essential oils, and natural products available. There are no artificial fragrances, colors, or preservatives.

We offer the following Services

— Full-body massage | 1 hour
— Happy Feet- Reflexology | 40 minutes
— Hot Stone Massage | 1.5 hours
— Fresh Face Facial |
40 minutes
We can arrange for a stylist from Dolores Hidalgo for:
   — Manicure
   — Pedicure
   — Hair styling (the cost depends on the style)
ll this we can do directly in your room.

Please give us a call, send us an e-mail or use our Contact form for any price inquiry, we will be pleased to help you in either our customer service phone line or our e-mail address

Full-Body Massage

One-hour massage. You will be left alone while you remove your clothing and get under the sheets, face-down, with your face in the facial cradle. There are pillows on the table for you to arrange as you wish. For example, under your hips, stomach, or ankles. When your back and legs have been completed, you will be asked to turn over, as the therapist holds the sheets in place, for you to twist under the covers. They will then work on your legs, arms, and neck, head, and face.

The therapist normally do not massage the chest or abdominal areas.

Happy Feet- Reflexology

A one hour massage. There is no need to undress for this treatment. They will begin with a thorough massage and reflexology treatment of your feet, then continue with a bit of legs, hands, arms, and shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage

A fabulous one and a half hour treatment. It is a full body massage, with each area being followed by an oiled, heated smooth river rock massage. If you like heat, hot showers, or baths and Jacuzzis, you will appreciate the incredible release of tension that takes place from each muscle with the soothing addition of heat.

Those that love deep massage work may also be surprised at how heat can accomplish much of the same thing in a different manner. You will undress and situate yourself under the sheets, in the same way as the full-body massage.

Fresh Face Facial

A one hour facial, specially formulated to cleanse and renew your skin. We offer facials for mature, dry, normal, oily/acne, as well as rosacea. We combine fresh ingredients such as honey, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, aloe, seaweed, nuts, seeds, oils such as olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, and apricot kernel.
You will be given a towel wrap to replace your shirt, so your décolleté area (throat and pecs) can also be treated, plus a cap to put on to protect your hair. Please remove your jewelry. The treatment begins with the steaming bowl, an old-fashioned treatment of steam steeping with fresh flowers and herbs.

Next you will lie on the massage table and your skin will be electronically cleansed with a clarisonic, and special cleansing cream, then the first of three masks will be put on. This will be an exfoliating mask, which will be left on for 10 minutes. During this time your therapist will gently massage your hands and arms. After cleaning, you will be given a special aromatherapy facial massage.
The last mask, a ‘Cocooning’ treatment, will help your skin emerge fresh and glowing. You will see the difference! It will include a special treatment ampoule first, then a sea gel mask, which will quickly be brushed on, covering eyes and mouth, and leaving only your nose passages open.

This mask will softly ‘rubberize’ within 15 minutes and then be removed in one piece, and is very therapeutic to both eyelids and lips, so unless you are very claustrophobic, or have a runny nose or cold, we do recommend this. Otherwise let your therapist know by your health information form that you want your eyes and/or mouth to stay open. During this time, the therapist will do a bit of massage for your feet and lower legs.
After the mask is removed, a rosewater spritz toner and special final moisturizing mix will be applied gently to your face. Smile, because everyone will comment on the glowing complexion! We highly recommend leaving this on your face all day, without showering.

Some important Tips

Do not hesitate to let the therapists know if you wish more or less pressure, you can say "mas", for more pressure, or "menos", for less.

Please sign up on the sheet located on the table outside of the office. If you are wanting to sign up for a massage on the same day, please notify someone in the office that you have done so, that they may call to find a therapist for you.

Please understand that it is impossible to cancel within 2 hours of your appointment, and you will be charged accordingly if you do not make it to your appointment. Because there are other clients scheduled after you, we appreciate your promptness for your appointment.

Please fill out the payment information form that located on the round table outside of your treatment room.

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Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024
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This information is also available in: Español (Spanish)